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Learn to use your own body weight and things you have at home to burn calories and get your workouts done.

Workouts For Beginners

Keep It Moving Fitness Provides workouts for all fitness levels. If you are just starting out you can find lots to do.

Workout Your ABS

If you are trying to lose belly fat there is tons of workouts for you here.

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Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Learn realistic tips that you can apply to your everyday life.

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Keep it Moving Fitness is NOW uploading new, easy to follow workouts, nutrition tips, and other helpful info for you EVERY DAY. These are the latest 3 posts.
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Pink Lotus Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness Workout

Get Tight & Toned: A 4 Week Fitness Challenge

09 October 2016, Comment are Off
For the next four weeks we are going to be focusing on tightening and tonight those major muscle groups. This fitness challenge is to support Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Pink Lotus Foundation. Each week I will be telling the story of a different woman who has been...
Free home workouts

Total Body Toning Plus Core

04 August 2016, Comment are Off
This workout is perfect if you want to feel the burn and work your entire body.  I usually have to incorporate my workouts around my baby because I am a new mom but that is no excuse to stop moving and ditch my fitness goals. Today, during nap time I did a total body toning...
Free Weekly Workout plan

Week 1 August 2016 – AT- A- GLANCE

01 August 2016, Comment are Off
This month we are going to break it down week by week. I like having a snap shot of the entire month like we have usually done in our Free Fitness Calendars but what I’ve learned is that when you zoom in and focus on the increments that make up the month you have a greater...

My Favorite AB/CORE Workouts

These workouts will target every muscle of your abdomen & core. You can pair them with another workout or do them alone. Get ready to lose belly fat with these!!!
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Free Workouts to do at home

Everything Butt Abs

19 March 2013, Comment are Off
  Below is a workout that works your Abs and Butt. It was created with the idea that you can minimize your workout time while working those hard to target areas more effectively. This workout combines some of my favorite exercises and requires each exercise to be repeated a...
Reduce lower back pain Keep it Moving Fitness

Reduce Low Back Pain

12 September 2012, Comment are Off
Low-Back pain affects nearly 80% of all adults. Usually people who suffer from it sit for periods longer than 3 hours per day, have jobs that consists of manual labor, or jobs in enclosed workspaces. Adding exercises that stablize the core and trunk. can dramatically reduce pains...
Printable Ab Workout

CORE ARMS: A Fun Workout For Your ABS & UPPER BODY

We all know by now that working out is simply one of those things that we MUST DO. There is no option to it and the challenge comes with finding a way to actually want to do it. Sometimes engaging in the same activity can become monotonous and the effort we put forth can diminish...

No Equipment Workouts

Sometimes you just don't have all of that fancy workout equipment and Other times you'd just rather not spend the money on it... Either way you can still get a good workout in. Try these no equipment workouts.
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Free home workouts

Total Body Toning Plus Core

04 August 2016, Comment are Off
This workout is perfect if you want to feel the burn and work your entire body.  I usually have to incorporate my workouts around my baby because I am a new mom but that is no excuse to stop moving and ditch my fitness goals. Today, during nap time I did a total body toning...
Workout for inner and outer thighs

Tight & Toned #teamKim: Inner and Outer Thigh Workout

24 July 2014, Comment are Off
Below  is a quick and straight to the point workout that will help you tone your thighs. As with all strength training workouts. This workout will work to build muscle to help you boost your metabolism and burn fat.  I love my  training my legs because the muscles in the legs are...

Morning ABStarter

28 April 2014, Comment are Off
Morning workouts can be the very thing to make for a good and energetic day. They aren’t always the easiest to commit to and can can take some getting used to.  I strongly believe that starting your day with a workout can set the days tone. If you are trying to lose belly...

Reduce Cellulite & Tone Your Legs

Your legs will fall in love with these workouts. They target the largest muscle groups in your legs. They lift your but and they will help you reduce the dreaded cellulite.
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Low Impact Exercises To Strengthen Your Knees

Lately, so many people have been writing me about concern for their knees. Either they don’t exercise at all because of their knee problems or they completely ignore what their knee is telling them and continue to exercise without taking necessary care for their knees. ...

Total Body Movement for Total Body Fat loss

17 August 2013, Comment are Off
Sometimes it’s great to workout every muscle in your body at the same time. It helps you save time and it can actually be a way to burn more calories. The workout below mixes a bunch of total body cardio moves with a few total body strength training moves to give you the...

A Bunch of Lunges: A Lower Body Workout

Today we are focusing on bunches of lunges. Believe it or not lunges can work your abs, butt, hips, and thighs. It’s the ideal move to incorporate with a cardio routine to get a full out workout. The most thing to remember about lunges is to PROTECT YOUR KNEE. A good rule...

Tone Your Upper Body & Arms

Try these amazing upper body workouts to lose that arm fat and shape your upper half.
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The 100 Rep SuperSet

The following workout works your upper body and lower body muscles. It’s an 100 rep superset. In fitness, a superset forces you to alternate between two different exercises at a rapid pace without compromising form. You can choose to use two exercise moves from the same...

Compete with Yourself to Tone Your Upper Body

20 August 2013, Comment are Off
Competition is a great way to push yourself to get your workouts done. Even if you don’t have a partner to workout with, you can compete with yourself. A good way to make sure you are always challenging yourself is to write down how many reps or sets of an exercise you do...

10 Ways to Tone Your Arms

03 August 2014, Comment are Off
Arm workouts are great because they can be done anywhere with discretion. You don’t need a bunch of equipment and you can pretty much do them wherever you are. You find it really effective to use an old t-shirt as your workout resistance when doing arm workouts or even your...

Nutrition Tips & Meal Plans

Learning to Eat Clean is about balancing your life and your diet to make more healthy choices more often. It’s about fueling your body with the good stuff most of the time so that you can enjoy every bite of the pleasure foods when you have them - Here are the lastest nutrition posts. Click the page numbers below them for more.
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A Natural Energy Drink

15 March 2016, Comment are Off
We should all know by now that we need to stay hydrated with plenty of water in order for our bodies to operate at its best. If you are anything like me you’ve gotten into a habit of carrying your huge jug of water wherever you go. It’s just one of those things that...
free fitness meal plan

A Simple Meal Plan to Follow

Trying to plan what to eat when on a weight loss journey can be very difficult. It’s especially difficult when you are just starting out on your journey or have a limited amounted of time and money. Unfortunately (but fortunately) your meal planning skills and what you put into...
Weight loss Meal Plan

Stop Blaming Calories for Your Slow Weight Loss Progress

24 March 2015, Comment are Off
  I know you’ve heard it many times before, “Weight loss is about the amount of calories you put into your body verses the number of calories you put out” and it’s true if you eat more than you burn you absolutely gain weight and the opposite is true too. I’ve even said it myself...