Continuous Movement 10 Minute Challenge

You guys wanted to know some of the things that I do to really get my heart rate going and to challenge myself when I only have a short time frame. This continuous movement Challenge is one of the workouts that I love. It consits of 5 moves that are supposed to flow into each other nonstop. The challenge is to see how many rounds you can do in 10 minutes

Disclaimer: I can’t lie, In the video below I am super exhausted before I even started. Today was a long day of exercising. The good thing is that I got through it.

I want you to challenge yourself to do the same. Write down how many times you do so that we all can try this again on another day.

You will need your Gymboss Timer  and lots of energy  but here are the moves: The VIDEO is all the way at the bottom.

Don’t forget to download your AB Workout Here.


Sumo Squats

2. SEMI BURPEE ( A burpee without the jump up. Instead you just jump in and back out in to the plank move )




4. Plank JACK

5. Hip Touch Down


Watch Me do it: