10 Ways to Boost Your Butt!

I always talk about doing squats and lunges to get your best butt  BUT there is so much more to shaping up your rear than these two exercises. You  must adapt an entire healthy lifestyle to get the glutes you dream of. Here are ten backside friendly habits that you can adopt to help you be well on your way to a better backside.

  1. EAT MORE FIBER- When you get enough fiber you have more regular bowel movements (or so says the Institute of Medicine). This leads you to feeling lighter and helps you get off your a** and GET MOVING. Try  adding more beans to your meals as one way to boost your fiber intake.
  2. GO HAM!- meaning HAMstrings. Strong hamstrings affect your butt by help lift and shape them.
  3. VARY YOUR TERRAIN: Finding different hills in your neighborhood can boost your butt big time. You are working various muscles in your lower body region. The uneven surfaces will make you work harder
  4. STAY HYDRATED: This will give you energy you need to start and complete your butt workouts.
  5. STEP IT UP: Anytime you see some steps climb them. Go back down and climp again. Steps are great for that booty.
  6. EAT CLEAN: Adopt the 80/20 rule. Eat “clean” (no processed) 80% of the time and indulge %20 of the time.  This will ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need to thrive.
  7. PAY IN CASH: A Journal of Consumer Research study found that shoppers who use credit and or debit cards are more likely to make un healty impulse Purchases. Why? We tend to view cash payments as more painful, so we are less likely to buy junk when paying for our food with paper.
  8. GRAB A FRIEND: face it friends motivate you to pump it up and do more. There are a bunch of partner exercises that you can make your butt workout a hit.
  9. DO IT EVERYWHERE: Work your butt off where ever you are. You can do lunges in line at the bank or  leg extensions while checking your facebook messages.
  10. FOCUS ON YOUR ABS: core training is where its at. When your abs are strong, you are able to engage your glutes without tring.

So Remember, what you do every day can literally kick your butt. So healthy choices,.