Mixing power moves (exercise that require you to use a bit more force and oxygen) with active recovery anaerobic moves (exercise that allow you to catch your breath without the use of oxygen) is a definite way to put a boost in your workout regimen and see exercise results faster. The great thing about doing leg workouts at home is that you eliminate many of the excuses that usually prevent you from working out.

This workout focuses on your lower body and is designed to take what you already can do to push you to do even more. I did one round of this workout while filming for you and the next day my legs were burning. I could definitely feel the effects of it.  Watch me do it below.

Leg Workouts At Home

Here is What You Need

  1. A stopwatch or timer
  2. Water nearby

Here is What You Do

There are 4 rounds. Each round has a POWER MOVE and an ACTIVE RECOVERY MOVE. Complete the Power Move for 1 minute (even if you have to stop for a few seconds to rest, don’t stop the clock). Count how many reps of the power move you finished in that minute. Take that number and complete the same amount of reps for the Active Recovery Move. Proceed to the Next round.

Added to an additional workout:  Do it only ONCE

Using this as your full workout: Do it Twice. Take a 5 minute break in between.

Do this on 3-4 NONCONSECUTIVE DAYS per week for 10 weeks.



Fitness Infographic 10 weeks to toned legs