It’s true… certain Full body exercises work better to burn fat and build muscle than others. These fat burning exercises are made up of moves that engage multiple large muscle groups and some antagonist muscle groups. Some of the involve plyometric moves that require you to jump into or out of the exercise. The KIMf (Keep It Moving Fitness) method combines power moves with isometric moves (moves that require no movement) to get the most toning effects from each exercise.

The video below is made up of 14 power moves, some taken from the KIMf Method, to help your body work more efficiently in less time.  Since time is a major issue for many people, we recommend you increase the intensity of your workout by adding these fat burning exercises to your workout routines.

fat burning exercises

14 Fat Burning Exercises

The important thing to remember while doing any of these exercises is to land softly and do the modified version as shown in the video if you can’t properly do the move throughout the duration of the rep.

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  1. Squat- Air Jack
  2. Heisman Kick
  3. Push-up Tuck
  4. Lunge Kick Back
  5. Plank Taps
  6. Leg Lift Toe Touch
  7. Tricep Dips
  8. Sky jabs
  9. Burpee Pike
  10. In/Out Butterfly
  11. Curtsey Crunch
  12. Mountain Climbers
  13. High Knees
  14. Lower Lunch Body twist