The Year of You!!!

This year we are going to work extra hard to keep each other accountable. I am going to be looking to you guys to keep me motivated (Yes! I need motivation sometimes too) and I am going to do my absolute best to keep you guys motivated.

And to start… I want to introduce a new workout series that is going to keep us on our toes all year long. Instead of saying, “we are going to do better this year and workout more”  I thought it my be better if we implement specific challenges throughout the year so that we can have a time frame to get certain goals done.  It’s always best to give yourself a specif time frame with any goal. Otherwise, you might take a life time to reach that goal.

Here is a little it more about the YEAR OF YOU CHALLENGES:

  • Each challenge will be 6 weeks long and they will most like be scheduled so that the last week will mark a special time of the year (i.e. the first challenge will end the week of Valentines Day!!!)
  • I will announce the start of a new challenge the week before the start of the challenge. For example, the first challenge (LOVE YOUR EVERYTHING) will start next Monday so I am telling you about it now!!!
  • Each Monday during the challenge, I will send out detailed workout printables and workout schedules with instructions of what you are to do that week including what days you are to do it on.  You must be signed up to the Keep it Moving Fitness Newsletter to receive the schedule and printables. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP  (it’s free)
  • Each Week during the challenge will include a new workout video that you are to use as your “GO-TO” Workout and exercise guides for that week.  The video will show you exercise form, exercise modifications, and ways to increase exercise intensity for each exercise shown.
  • Each week will include at least 5 workouts that you are to do before the week is over. This is the recommended number of days we workout in this fitness community.
  • At the end of each challenge, you will send end your updates, pictures, and thoughts to our Facebook, twitter, or Pinterest page. There will be prizes and giveaways.

I am going to posting continuous updates about my journey during the six weeks as well. I will be video blogging about what I eat and my challenges along the way.  I am going to be looking to all of you for your updates as well. The idea is for us to do it together and continue to check in.   (Click the links at the very top of this website, near your browser, to see links to my social media sites)

2013 Fitness & Exerice Goals