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Yearly Archives: 2014

Beat Back Pains

These days I’ve been experiencing all kinds of unusual pains in my muscles, in my joints, and most days it’s a pain to do anything other than sleep and snore. I’m sure all off that has much to do with the tiny little baby growing

Spice Up Your Treadmill Workout

Treadmills are great use for a beginner workout to lose weight.  They are also a great way to challenge a more advanced fitness person too. Finding ways to Spice up your Treadmill Workout can be the determining factor on if you workout at all or

6 exercises for a better butt

6 Exercises for a Better Butt

Workouts for your butt don’t have to be made up of impossible exercises and heavy weights. You can use your own body weight to do some amazingly effective moves that work to tone and shape your butt and legs. The lower body workouts in the

Weekend workouts

15 Minute 2-A-Day Weekend Workout

I always like to challenge myself to make my weekends active. It’s so easy to just crash especially after a long work week. But did you know you can gain 4 pounds a month if you quit your fitness regimen on the weekend.   The key


Your June 2014 Fitness Calendar

June is the month that welcomes Summer!!! It is also the halfway mark of your year to commit to a fit and healthy you. Remember at the beginning of the year when we committed to 52 Weeks of Health and Fitness Goals? How are you

Ab Six Pack Home Exercises

3 Simple Workouts to Incorporate into Your Week

A workout week can go much easier if you know exactly what you plan on doing.  Searching the internet through thousands of boring sites and fighting over the ads can’t be productive.  A perfect workout week for me usually consists of 3- 5 days of