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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Toe touches

Tony Horton Inspired: 500 Calorie Burner Workout

Tony Horton is an all time favorite in the fitness world and This Keep It Moving Fitness COmmunity. He is the creator of the well known P90X workout program and is packed with motivation to keep you pushing toward your fitness finish line at all time


Healthy Shopping List

Weekly meal planning is a crucial part of every fitness journey and healthy meal prep. Without it you are more likely to succumb to every day temptations like fast food restaurants, vending machines, or the delivery guy. Creating my healthy shopping list has become something

3 moves to lift your butt

3 Exercises to Lift Your Butt

Everyone wants a nice butt. One that is toned and sits up right?… Well maybe not everyone but if you do this workout is for you. Not only does this lower body workout consist of exercises to lift your butt, it can also help you