3 Simple Workouts to Incorporate into Your Week

A workout week can go much easier if you know exactly what you plan on doing.  Searching the internet through thousands of boring sites and fighting over the ads can’t be productive.  A perfect workout week for me usually consists of 3- 5 days of cardio  and 3 days of strength.  Sometimes I mix my cardio and strength training days to maximize my time on busy weeks.  Below is a  workout for love handles that I plan on doing 2 days this week.  I also want to work my legs by doing the cardio and leg workout below.  I will do it twice on nonconsecutive days and I will try to fit the total body workout in twice this week as well.

You goal is to try to do all of these workouts at least once this week. You can combine them or do it on separate days. If you are going on a run or have another workout planned  try to add one of these at the end.

Ab Six Pack Home Exercises