Doesn’t it suck when you have been working hard on your  fitness goal but can’t seem to get over a hump? It’s like you just can’t lose that last 10 pounds and all you want to do is lose weight fast. If you have you’ve probably reached a weight loss plateau. These may leave you feeling discouraged but they can be fixed and even avoided. Weight loss plateaus happens to everyone. It is the point when you can no longer lose weight. It comes difficult to see any changes and you naturally become frustrated. You think you’ve done everything right and didn’t factor in this plateau in your journey.  The truth is, even the most well planned fitness regimen can reach this point.

In order to get past this bump you need to increase activity a great deal. Switch up your workouts frequently to avoid your body getting “used” to the same ole same ole. Keep your body guessing. Make it wonder what’s next. You will constantly be challenged and get to that fitness goal you have been striving for. Another good tip from, is to combine cbd with your work out,while THC activates the CB1 receptors, CBD influences molecules in a human body to block them off. By shutting these receptors off, it helps in reducing appetite and can prevent overeating and obesity.

Below are 3 workouts that we call KIMfire Moves. These workouts are designed to send your body into “go” mode again to help get past your weight loss plateau. They are high intensity training that ANYBODY can do. There are no excuses. The Kimfire MOVES  are at-home workouts and are total body drills that will have you tasting the lactic acid before you are finish.

Aim to keep them under 30 minutes so that you can get it done and get on with your day. Grab water and a notepad to write down how long it takes you to finish. During the  week strive to improve your time on the FireMove Home workouts.

At the bottom of each post I will give a related challenge for beginners. This is no excuse to be lazy. This is permission to work even hard to complete the full fire move workout over time.

KIMf Fire Move #1: Exercise for Weight Loss Plateau


ROUND 1: complete all four moves 20 times

ROUND2: complete all four moves 15 times

ROUND3: Complete all four moves 10 times

ROUND 4: Complete all four moves 5 times

ROUND5: Complete all four moves 1 times

If you are really feeling pumped and want an extra challenge. – Go back up the pyramid from round 5 to round 1.



workout routines for weight loss plateau


Printable workout and Free At Home Workouts

FIRE MOVE 3: Courtsey Squats

how to lose weight at home

FIRE MOVE 4: Oblique Hip Touch Down

weight loss plateau

Beginner Level complete this pyramid:

5-4-3-2- 1-2-3-4-5

Round 1: Complete each Fire Move 1 for 5 reps

Round2: Complete each Fire move for 4 reps

Round 3: complete each Fire Move for 3 Reps

Round 4: Complete each Fire Move for 2 Reps

Round 5: Complete each Fire Move for 1 Rep each

Extra challenge: Try to go back up the pyramid if you can. If you can’t do it know, over time work your way from round 5 back up to round 1. Then proceed try the intermediate level of this workouts.
These drills are designed to burn the most fat for you and push you beyond your limtis. I know its tough. I know it hurts. THATS THE POINT. GET MOVING. YOU CAN DO IT.

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KIMf Fire Move #2: Exercise for Weight Loss Plateau

These workout routines will pump up your heart rate, get you sweating, and push you past those weight loss plateaus that many of you are troubled with.  They are designed to burn  the most calories within 25-30 minutes.

After you warm up and stretch do the following drill.  For your warm up you can run in place for 4-5 minutes or do any cardio move that you love.

180 Degree Squat JUMPS. This is a plyometric drill that fires up your quads and hamstrings while building cardio endurance. If you are having trouble with your knees, simply leave the jump out and you will still feel the burn.  Complete this move for 30 seconds.Get past weight loss plateaus

Jumping Lunges: If you know me by now, you know that I love these. They are a challenges for all fitness levels and will surely tone up your legs. For an extra challenge, do these with your arms straight up.  If you are new to this or have trouble with your knees, don’t jump in too fast, simply step back in to a lunge one leg at a time. Make sure your knee doesn’t extend over your shoe strings. Do this for 30 seconds. how to avoid weight loss plateau

High Knees: This cardio move will improve your endurance and burn extra calories. Again, leave the jump out if you are having trouble with your knees. Do it for 30 seconds. GO!Speed Skaters 30 seconds. Another cardio drill that engages your core and pumps out gallons of sweat (so it seems on me)

Home workouts to lose the last 10 pound (weight loss plateau)
 Football Feet: Quick feet with knees wider than shoulders width apart and knees slightly bent 30 seconds

In between each of the moves above, come down in to plank position and perform PLANK UPS for 1 minute to build core strength.


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KIMf Fire Move #3: Exercise for Weight Loss Plateau

For this Fire Drill  You will do 3 exercises.

1. Bunny Hop Burpee

2. Down Dog Cobra

3. Plank Jack Jump Ins

Complete each exercise 10 times before you move to the next exercise. One Round equals a completion of all 3 exercise 10 times with little to no break in between (a swig of water or shaking out your arms/legs is okay but get right back into it.)


I guess it wasn’t my best exercise day. I felt like I was lagging a bit. However, I was able to complete 2.5 Rounds in Ten minutes. My goal is to complete 4 rounds of this next week.
WHAT’s Your Goal?

Watch Me Do it.

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