5 Things To Do On Sunday Night To Prepare For a Healthy Week

As with everything else, how you start your healthy week weighs heavily on how you finish. I know that on Sunday night the only thing you want to do is soak up the last few hours before you have to get back to work. The last thing on your mind is scheduling, preparing, and planning but these are things that you should get in the habit of doing.

I would be lying if I said this was easy for me at first. I admit that my Sunday nights were not spent perfectly planning my meals and workouts for the week. This was a skill that I learned over time and I notice that my weeks are so much better when I have it all mapped out. I know  exactly what I am having for dinner each night and came come up with healthy eating plan for my family each week,  I know what days I would be working out at home with my favorite Insanity DVDs, I know what days I am going to go to the gym or taking a new class, and I know what days I am going to go for a run outside. I even have a back up plan in case of inclement weather or an emergency.  Here is a post on my exact fitness regimen. CLICK HERE 

I guess what I am trying to say is this: Things are so much better when you have structure.  And not only that, you feel so much more accomplished when you actually do and complete something you said you would do verses when you just randomly did it.  It kind  of makes you feel proud of yourself and it motivates you to plan to do more.

Here are my top 5  MUST-DO-ON-SUNDAY-NIGHT things to improve your Healthy Week

  1. Brainstorm Your Meals: Even if you can’t go to the grocery store to pick up ingredients for your meals and prep them for cooking, make sure you at least make a list of what you plan to have for dinner (and lunch) each day of the upcoming week.
  2. Pack Your Gym Bag: If you aren’t working out in your living room  or in your home gym, make sure you have your gym back filled with everything you need for a successful gym session. Include your change of clothes, deodorant, socks, shows, soap, water, or whatever else you might need.
  3. Update Your Calendar: Schedule what days you will workout and write what muscle group you will work on that day. Having a fitness calendar almost triples your likelihood of success.
  4. Set Your Alarm Clocks: The last thing you want to do is wake up late and miss your workout. Even if you are not working out in the morning you should set your alarm clocks to be sure your day start as planned and you aren’t late because just like the start of your week matter to the end of it, so does the start of your day.
  5. FORGET ABOUT LAST WEEK: I don’t really care if last week was perfect or it suck, leave it behind. You want to get so comfortable with having good weeks that you slack off on new weeks and you don’t what to beat yourself up over bad weeks so much that it effects your performance during a new week. This week set new goals and start there.

What do you usually do on Sunday night to prepare for your week? Are  you the person who is frantic on Monday morning because nothing is ready or  do you plan it all out?  TELL ME , I WANNA KNOW……!