If you are striving to lose inches from your belly the first step is to clean up your eating habits. It’s true when they say “abs are made in the kitchen.” After you’ve mastered the kitchen, working out and targeting your abdominal muscles is the next step. The 9 Best Flat Belly Workouts were created to help you shed overall fat and tone the muscles of your stomach.

Don’t worry about doing a million crunches and situps. That isn’t the best way to get abs after all. Some of these workouts are specifically for abs & core but some of them don’t include abs at all. They all, however, are the most effective when trying to shed belly fat and tone your abs.

These best flat belly workouts are fun and effective and great for all fitness levels. If you need more of a challenge, don’t hesitate to add these to the at-home workout routine that you already have.

Best Flat Belly Workouts

9 Best Flat Belly Workouts

  1.  Lose Your Love Handles: This is a no equipment workout that will definitely make you feel the burn. This workout is challenging but is made up of easy moves help you lose those love handles.
  2. The Morning Abstarter: This is a morning workout to get you and your abs going for the day. It’s only 5 minutes and can be used as a warm up to any other workout.
  3. Simply ABS x 100: This is back to the basics for your abs. It requires you to do each move in increments of 10 until you get to 100.
  4.  A 500 Calorie Burner Workout:  The best way to see amazing abs is to burn overall fat.  This isn’t specifically an AB Workout but it’s once to help you burn more calories.
  5. Tight Abs Pyramid. This is straight and to the point. It’s your favorite ab workouts that really target all of the muscles that make up your abdominal regions.
  6.  Abs, Core, & Career Success:  This workout combines your mediation session with your workout session. It’s from our sister website and it’s great to do in the morning to workout your mind and abs before you start your day.
  7. Have A Ball:  If you have balls at home this will workout your abs for sure. It requires a weighted balls and a stability ball but feel free to do this without any balls at all.
  8.  Total Body Toning Plus Core: This workout is perfect if you want to feel the burn and work your entire body. It’s one of those ‘burn more calories so I can see the abs I already have’ type deals.
  9.  Ten Minute Planks for Tighter Abs:  This workout uses planks to build a strong core and when added to your cardio regimen will shed inches off your belly before you know it