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Glute Exercises: Work Your BUTT & GUT

Everyday on social media we see a new product that claims to lift your body. It might be some magic tea or a silly garment that props your glutes up. Whatever it is, don’t fall for it. Eating Healthy food and doing glute exercises are

Keep It Moving Fitness Tone YOUR ABS - Belly Fat

Before the Abdominoplasty Try This Total Tummy Makeover workout

Before you rush to schedule your abdominoplasty “tummy tuck,” please know that it is possible to lose belly fat  without going under the knife. You guys know what I always say about abs and stomach exercises.  DON’T DO THEM EVERY DAY. There is no quick fix

Morning Workout ABStarter

A Morning workout can be the very thing to make for a good and energetic day. They aren’t always the easiest to commit to and can take some getting used to but they are definitely great for jump starting your day and your fitness journey.  I strongly

A Fun & Effective No Equipment Body Weight Workout

Sometimes getting to a gym might be more difficult than you would like.  Maybe the weather has made it impossible or your budget won’t allow it. Whatever the case may be, this is not an excuse to workout; especially if you  are trying to lose

Free Ab Printable Workout

Simply Abs x 100: Work Abs to Lose Fat in Abdomen

When I was thinking of good ab workouts to do at home this morning I wanted to do something that didn’t involve too many exercises or too many rules. I came up with the workout below to work abs and turns out its one of

9 Best Flat Belly Workouts

If you are striving to lose inches from your belly the first step is to clean up your eating habits. It’s true when they say “abs are made in the kitchen.” After you’ve mastered the kitchen, working out and targeting your abdominal muscles is the next

Core Ball Exercises: No More Muffin Tops

If you are trying to figure out what exercises get rid of muffin top  using is a core ball or a stability ball is a great place to start. It’s a great tool to reduce fat in abdomen and works your entire core. Core ball

The Art of Great Abs | How to Lose Belly Fat

Abdominal & core exercises seem to be continuously popular in the world of exercise and fitness. There are some people that seem to want to focus on getting great abs  for merely vanity reasons and others who want to reduce fat around their stomach for

Love handle workout


If you’ve been wanting to do something about your love handles this workout is just for you. In addition to reducing or eliminating processed foods  you should do this workout 3 days per week for at least 4 weeks. Do not do them on consecutive

[Back Exercises] 3 Workouts for Back Pains

Back pains happen for a number of reasons and can definitely slow down you down after awhile. While the solution to some back pains require more than just natural home remedies, some of the symptoms can be improved with exercise. Below are 3 workouts that