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Category Archives: Good Ab Workouts to do at Home

Core exercises to Build Abs and Other Core Muscles

I always say, “working your core is far more beneficial than any crunch or sit-up.” Not only does core exercise target those abs that you want to work but they target your back musclus including your trunk. A strong core area will help you in


HEY LOVES, Check out your NEW YEAR WORKOUT!!!!! WHOO HOOO! I know you all are busy making plans to party or plans to clean up or plans to hang out but this is a fun, quick, easy, and effective way to start you New Year

Target Your Core Area

Hey  Friends, Today I want to stress the importance of targeting your entire core (middle) area and not just your abs. How many of you have done crunches until you are blue in the face without much benefit? Crunches only target one area of your

Upright Abs ….Downright Sexy

 Today is Middle Day (Wednesday) and I am going to show you how to tackle you mid section without ever doing a crunch or touching the ground. These Ab workouts are simple enough to add to any cardio or strength training regimen and challenging enough