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fat burning exercises

14 Power Moves + Fat Burning Exercises

It’s true… certain exercises work better to burn fat and build muscle than others. These fat burning exercises are made up of moves that engage multiple large muscle groups and some antagonist muscle groups. Some of the involve plyometric moves that require you to jump

Shape & Tone Your Arms With No Weight & No Pushups

Push-ups seem to be most popular among people who want to tone your arms with no weight,  build upper body strength and lose arm fat. However, many people, women especially,  cringe at the thought of doing them. Either they fear they are going to bulk

The best Stretches for knee pain

The Best Stretches for Knee Pain: Strengthen Your Knee

Suffering from a knee injury is painful and can interfere with all aspects of life especially workout routines. Knee pain can cause you not to exercise at all because of and some people completely ignore what their knees are telling them and continue to exercise without

How to lose back fat

How to Get Rid of Back Fat

  Excess fat, stomach rolls, no muscle definition. It’s all annoying and is probably what lead you to this article. The narrassic instagram models and “fitness trainers” who are constantly showing off is even more annoying and you are on a search of some real

Best Glute Workout

The Best Glute Workout: 5 Different Workouts

The best glute workout is one that combines strength training and cardio exercise.  Since we know that cardio exercises, like running, help burn overall fat, it’s important not to leave them out. The strength training component of glute workouts can be made up of exercise

9 Best Flat Belly Workouts

If you are striving to lose inches from your belly the first step is to clean up your eating habits. It’s true when they say “abs are made in the kitchen.” After you’ve mastered the kitchen, working out and targeting your abdominal muscles is the next

7 Day Summer Leg Challenge

7 Day Summer Legs Challenge

The best time to prepare for summer legs is now. Toned legs from workouts that reduce cellulite  should be on everyone’s fitness goal list. Sometimes, it’s difficult to know how to tone your legs. That is why we created this 7 day Summer Legs Challenge. It

3 Workouts to Get Past A Weight Loss Plateau

Doesn’t it suck when you have been working hard on your  fitness goal but can’t seem to get over a hump? It’s like you just can’t lose that last 10 pounds and all you want to do is lose weight fast. If you have you’ve probably

The Art of Great Abs | How to Lose Belly Fat

Abdominal & core exercises seem to be continuously popular in the world of exercise and fitness. There are some people that seem to want to focus on getting great abs  for merely vanity reasons and others who want to reduce fat around their stomach for