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PLYO TABATA Workout: A 15 Minute Total Body Workout

I always say, “if you want to burn the most calories, add intervals to your workout regimen.” and if you want to burn even more calories and build strength at the same time try some plyometric (plyo) drills. This tabata workout combines the two so

At home workouts. Keep It moving Fitness Cardio Leg Moves.

A Lower Body Workout Plus Cardio

[sociallocker id=5434]CLICK HERE   for your FREE E-BOOK full of printable workouts. Print them, place them in a notebook, save them to your computer, and DO THEM wherever you are!!! [/sociallocker] Targeting your lower body is powerful way to boost your metabolism and burn more calories faster.

GoodBye Flabby Arms: A Printable Workout

If you’ve ever waved someone goodbye and notice a bunch of excess fat waving with you then you would probably benefit from adding arm toning exercises to your at home workouts. This printable workout below is great for your upper body and reduce the look of

A Fun & Effective No Equipment Body Weight Workout

Sometimes getting to a gym might be more difficult than you would like.  Maybe the weather has made it impossible or your budget won’t allow it. Whatever the case may be, this is not an excuse to workout; especially if you  are trying to lose

20 Minute Workout to do At Home

We are supposed to encourage you all to workout for an hour everyday to get and stay fit. The truth is, no one has time for all that everyday. Can we be real for a moment? It would great if we all could scroll out

Fat-Blasting, Muscle-Toning Treadmill Weight Loss Plan

You probably already know it by now but if you want to lose weight you need Aerobic training (Cardio), Anaerobic training (strength training),  a healthy diet, and a bit of rest and recovery too. Treadmills are a great tool to have different workout programs right at your

Weekend Workouts

3 Quick & Easy Weekend Workouts

Challenging yourself to keep your weekends active is a major part of any fitness journey. It’s so easy to just crash especially after a long work week. But did you know you can gain 4 pounds a month if you quit your fitness regimen on the

Treadmill Sprint Workout

Treadmill Sprint Workout | Advanced

Below is the Advanced level Treadmill Sprint Workout that you can print and take to the gym with you. If you need a beginner workout to lose weight click the highlighted words in this sentence. This workout is perfect for those who have being working

3 Workouts to Get Past A Weight Loss Plateau

Doesn’t it suck when you have been working hard on your  fitness goal but can’t seem to get over a hump? It’s like you just can’t lose that last 10 pounds and all you want to do is lose weight fast. If you have you’ve probably

Love handle workout


If you’ve been wanting to do something about your love handles this workout is just for you. In addition to reducing or eliminating processed foods  you should do this workout 3 days per week for at least 4 weeks. Do not do them on consecutive