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Calorie Blaster Circuit Training for Women

The workout below is a circuit training for women routine that any fitness level can do. Circuit Training can get your heart rate pumping faster than you can say “I am Tired”. It will help you burn fat faster and work to help you build

Exercise at home

Exercise At Home – No Gym Required

Ok, let’s face it. Going to the gym SUCKS sometimes. Especially when you have to wake up early, or get the kids out the house and on the bus in time, or when you have a long day at work and just want to be

Push-Up Variations: An Exercise Challenge.

More often than not, new clients of mine are always complaining about how they can not (and even sometimes will not) do pushups. “I am just a beginner,” they say or “I need to build my strength first, ” or “blah, blah, blah blah…. BLAH.”

The Cellulite Workout: Tone Your Thighs & Butt

Getting rid of cellulite is one of those issues that can be confusing because of the plethora of information out there. There is so much false information and quick results tips that many people forget the fundamentals. No matter what the commercials, infomercials, and magazine ads

Core Ball Exercises: No More Muffin Tops

If you are trying to figure out what exercises get rid of muffin top  using is a core ball or a stability ball is a great place to start. It’s a great tool to reduce fat in abdomen and works your entire core. Core ball

Free Fitness Calendar

Your July 2015 Fitness Calendar

July is the point of the year when we can reflect on the first half of the year and prepare for the second half. What are some of you accomplishments since January. When thinking of your fitness journey, have you seen any progression or do

Your March 2015 Fitness Calendar

This Month will be full of new workouts, LIVE WORKOUTs, and tons of informational content to help you move towards a better you. I am so excited that the end of my pregnancy is nearing and I actually feel so much better than I did


Your June 2014 Fitness Calendar

June is the month that welcomes Summer!!! It is also the halfway mark of your year to commit to a fit and healthy you. Remember at the beginning of the year when we committed to 52 Weeks of Health and Fitness Goals? How are you

March 2014 Fitness Calendar: National Nutrition Month

Can you believe it’s March!!! Time really flies. This is why its so important just to START. I spoke about procrastination last month and how it completely slow you down or make you come to a complete halt in your fitness journey. Remember, you probably

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Your February Fitness Challenges

February is the  month to celebrate Love so this month I wanted to try doing something different for you. Instead of our usual fitness calendar, I am going to challenge you each week to LOVE YOURSELF by completing different tasks. These tasks can be in