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Weight Loss Motivation

Respect The Life Journey That You Are On

We recently recorded a podcast on respecting your life journey. Head over to the sister site to hear the process on how you should trust the process of your own journey. The act of traveling from one place to another.  Except most of us start

Circuit Training Fitness CHALLENGE

Circuit training is a type of training that combines aerobic activity with resistance training to maximize your workout within a specific period of time. The goal of it is to improve your strength, stability, endurance and increase your overall fitness level. One exercise circuit consists

Workout Motivation: Keep Exercising When You’re Alone

Every once in a while in your fitness journey, whether you are a novice or not, you will feel like you are the only one on the band wagon. This feeling might be just for a few moments (when your normal workout partners have ditched

everyday workout

The Pyramid For Success – An Everyday Workout

It’s always good to have an everyday workout to go to when you just want to get a quick on in and over with. That’s exactly what this at home workout or gym workout is.  It targets every muscle group for your strength training goals and

busy workout schedule

You Should Commit to a 30 Minute Workout. Try These

The truth is any amount of time spent working out is better than not working out at all and maybe you could argue the case that longer workouts burn more calories or shorter workouts boosts your metabolism. Both of those may help you lose leg fat

Workout routines for women

Workout Routines For Women

Today we are inundated with so much information on how to lose weight fast that it’s hard to know what really works. Women, especially, get all kinds of products thrown in their face and self-proclaimed fitness experts telling them what to do with an underlying goal

A Pledge for Family Members Who Slow Dow Your Progress

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has a loved one who seems anti- healthy living at times. It’s very frustrating when someone in your home isn’t supportive or simply not ready to be on the journey to healthy living with

The best Stretches for knee pain

The Best Stretches for Knee Pain: Strengthen Your Knee

Suffering from a knee injury is painful and can interfere with all aspects of life especially workout routines. Knee pain can cause you not to exercise at all because of and some people completely ignore what their knees are telling them and continue to exercise without

How to lose back fat

How to Get Rid of Back Fat

  Excess fat, stomach rolls, no muscle definition. It’s all annoying and is probably what lead you to this article. The narrassic instagram models and “fitness trainers” who are constantly showing off is even more annoying and you are on a search of some real