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A Natural Energy Drink

We should all know by now that we need to stay hydrated with plenty of water in order for our bodies to operate at its best. If you are anything like me you’ve gotten into a habit of carrying your huge jug of water wherever

the perfect breakfast

Healthy Breakfast for Weight loss

It’s important you choose a healthy breakfast for weight loss. Breakfast is the fuel your body receives after a long over night fast of not having anything. You want your body to use the foods that you eat as energy to burn calories and fat.

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2/3 Day Post Holiday Super Cleanse

Christmas has come and gone and I must admit I had a bit TOO much of my favorite treats.  Though they were yummy, I feel like CRAP. It’s as if my body is yelling…KIM WHAT DID YOU GIVE ME.  I feel sluggish, extremely tired, my

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Thanksgiving Sides that Won’t Hurt Your Progress

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, family, and reflecting on things that you’re most grateful for. Most of us celebrate thanksgiving by indulging in delicious holiday foods and it’s one of those days that we try to convince ourselves that taking “the day off from

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The Ziploc Bag Challenge

In order to be healthier and reach our fitness or weight loss goals more effectively, we need to fuel our bodies with the right foods. It’s not always easy to prepare and cook the right foods needed to lose weight but if  we can find

Post Workout or Breakfast Smoothie Apple CocoNutmeg Smoothie 3

Apple CocoNutmeg Smoothie: A Healthy Breakfast Treat

This breakfast smoothie has all the tastes of autumn that you love. It’s one my favorites to whip up in the morning since I don’t really like cereal or heavy breakfast meals. I usually mix the Apple Orchards Granola from my NatureBox snack collection to

Protein and Weight Loss - Nutrition Tips

Eat Protein to Get Lean & Tone Up

  You hear it everywhere you go… “Eat protein because it does something good for you,” but you never really know what it does or how much to eat or when to eat it and most people don’t even know exactly what it is. This

PB & J Pancakes Healthy Pancake Ideas

PB & J Pancakes: A Healthy Pancake Idea

Pancakes are always a delicious and fun breakfast option for the entire family. Your first instinct  might be to grab the “just add water” processed mix at the grocery store but with a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry you can

Create The Perfect Healthy Pantry

What you have in your kitchen’s pantry can weigh heavily on the success of your fitness goals. I would recommend that you plan a day to take charge, clean it out and make it healthy. You can even make it a family activity. You want to

Secretly Change Your Eating Habits

We all know that eating healthy is just as important to living healthy as exercising and finding happiness. But the truth is, it’s much easier said than done. I know for a fact that I am not one of those personal trainers who dream of