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Lose it with a Deck of Cards

Exercise isn’t the most thrilling thing to do but there are ways to make it fun. One of my favorite things, especially when I am alone, is grab a deck of playing cards and let the deck be my DRILL SARGENT. I assign each suite

a fABulous Abtastic workout: Tone Up your Abs Quick

Once a week on Wednesday, I like to give out fun abdomial workouts to all of you. These can be done all week until I post the next one or you can save them in a notebook and do them whenever. My only advice is

Your Heart Warming Valentine’s Day Printable Workout

It’s the month of LOVE!!!. I “heart” all of you so I created this special Valentine’s day workout to bring out best in all of you. This fun workout works your total body and is a great addition to the workout you already have scheduled

Sprints!… High Intensity Interval Training

Want to find a way to burn lots of calories in minimum time and boost your metabolism too! Sprints are the way to go. Don’t let the word “sprint” scare you. When I say sprint, what I really mean is find that level of running


HEY LOVES, Check out your NEW YEAR WORKOUT!!!!! WHOO HOOO! I know you all are busy making plans to party or plans to clean up or plans to hang out but this is a fun, quick, easy, and effective way to start you New Year