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Cardio ab workouts

These Cardio Ab Workouts Are No Joke

Cardio Ab Workouts are workouts that get your heart rate going and tone your abs at the same time. With these types of workouts, you burn a crazy amount of calories with the cardio moves and you also work to boost your metabolism with the

Weight Loss Motivation

When you are trying to lose weight you might need a bit of workout motivation to give you a push you need to make it. The beginning of a fitness journey is always full of motivation but the weight loss motivation always comes to a screeching


Healthy Shopping List

Weekly meal planning is a crucial part of every fitness journey and healthy meal prep. Without it you are more likely to succumb to every day temptations like fast food restaurants, vending machines, or the delivery guy. Creating my healthy shopping list has become something

weekend fitness challenge

Weekend Fitness Challenge

Let’s be real for a moment: Usually when Friday rolls around you are either day dreaming of binge watching your favorite shows while you crash on a couch all weekend, you are trying to find out where the fun is, or you are too busying

Exercises for back fat

Exercises for Back Fat (Easy Workout)

If you are looking for exercises to get rid of back fat and bra overhang then add this workout to your list of things to do. Before you start, please know that exercises for back fat isn’t the only thing you need to do to

Movement Madness : A Total Body Workout For Beginners

Here is a great Total body workout for beginners that really targets every muscle group in your body. It requires that you hold a light dumbbell while performing the Lunges and Bicep curls. Many people are confused on how to know if their weights are

Free Fitness Calendars

Free Fitness Calendar For Home Workouts

Over the years, Keep It Moving Fitness has made it easier for people to workout at home by providing free fitness calendars for everyday use. These calendars have made it easier to stay accountable and eliminate the common problem of not knowing what workouts to do.