Tony Horton is an all time favorite in the fitness world and This Keep It Moving Fitness COmmunity. He is the creator of the well known P90X workout program and is packed with motivation to keep you pushing toward your fitness finish line at all time

It’s time to crack down on your workouts, especially if you are trying to lose weight fast What I love about this Keep it Moving Fitness Community is that you guys always are ready and so anxious for more. This Tony Horton inspired workout is just what you will need to check your workout off your to do list and feel accomplished.  I created this fun workout and video to match for an amazing sweat session that you will thank me for later.

The Toney Horton Inspired 500 Calorie Burner Workout

This workout can be done at home, at the gym, in the park, or at the beach. It is simple yet effective so make sure you challenge yourself to get it done.  You should burn at least 500 calories during this workout. Find a hill, a nice track, safe neighborhood, or treadmill to complete the running portions.

If you have never run or hate running, Find the point that CHALLENGES YOU even if it’s a power walk) and go for it. If you usually walk take it up to a speed walk or jog if you have it in you. If you are a runner/jogger… speed it up a bit. Go ahead and Sprint if you can.




Here is what you do…

Warm-up for 5 minutes (walking, jogging in place, jacks if you’d like) then Stretch for 3-5 minutes.


Do 50 Mountain Climbers, 50 push-ups and 50 side planks (25 per side with touchdowns.)

Run/Jog Intervals  for 20 minutes, ( Run/spring 1 minute  then Jog/Walk for 2 minutes…keep repeating until 20 minutes is up)

Do 50 triceps dips and 50  bicycle abs and 50 squats.