A Balance and Strength Workout For Beginners

If you are new to exercise and you want to start building strength and endurance in a way that will progressiv1ely push you toward your fitness goal this workout is for you. Many people who are new to exercise but want to lose weight under estimate the power that balance and strength have on their overall results. They often times want to jump into workouts that lead to over training and increase the likelihood of dropping out of their program.

As  a new exerciser some of the things you want to focus on is

  1. balance & stabilization
  2. moderate strength & endurance

This workout is full of low impact moves that will work keep your muscle engaged while progressively increasing the demand placed on them so that you get the most out of workout time.



  1. A set of light weight dumbbells. Make sure they are light enough for you to be able to lift them 12 times but not too light (you  should not able to do 20 reps).
  2. A chair or stable stool.
  3. Water


ROUND 1: Complete each of the exercises 8 times. Jog in Place for 4 minutes. (rest for 1 minutes)

Round 2: Complete each of the exercises 10 times. Jog in Place for 2 minutes. (rest for 1 minutes)

Round 3: Complete each of the exercises 12 times. Jog in Place for 1 minutes. (rest for 1 minutes)


Single Leg Balance (Switch raised leg half way through the count)

Knee Push-Ups

Seated Row

Basic Squat

Over Chair Kicks (When you kick both legs over the chair that counts as one. ” kick right + kick left = 1 rep)

Dumbbell Chest Press

Lunge to Balance (Do half the reps with one leg and half the reps with the other leg)