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A Bodyweight Butt Workout: Tone Your Butt at Home

The muscles of your butt are just like all of the other muscles in your body in that they will adapt to the demand you place on them. If you are interested in working out to tone your butt you want to focus on exercises that really engages the muscles of the upper leg and even the muscles of the knee because they all work together to generate force.This Bodyweight Butt Workout does just that

A BodyWeight Butt Workout

This workout is great because it includes a bit of cardio in it which pumps your heart rate and increases your endurance. You can add this workout to an additional workout for the day or you can do it alone and still see major results.

If toning your legs is your main goal, I think you should do this workout twice (back to back) on 2-3 nonconsecutive days per week.

Home leg workout


  1. Complete 12 Single Leg Floor Bridges on each leg ( A total of 24)
  2. Complete 30 double squat jumps
  3. Complete 12 Triple Lunge Leg Lifts on each side (A total of 24)
  4. Complete 20 double squat jumps
  5. Complete 12 Side Plank Leg Lift Circles on each leg (A total of 24)
  6. Complete 10 double Squat Jumps
  7. Complete 24 Butt Thrusts.

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  1. Eva says:

    Hi, KIm! This workout is awesome! I am going to take this challange today, I realy need to workout my lower body. Thank You! Have a nice day!

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