Below is the workout that I did today. I usually post the exact routines that I do so that you guys can try and an let me know how you do in the comment box below. I have created another free printable for just the upper body portion of the workout (see below) to give you guys for Top Half Tuesday (See your fitness calendar here).

At the end of this workout, I also complete workout #2 in the Absolutely Sexy 4 Summer Digital Serious. If you contact me I will provide you with a coupon code to give you that so you can get this awesome digital download for 50% off (just $15) CONTACT ME and say “Kim give me the code.” I am stay strick to the plan in the program because  I am trying to lose 2 inches off my stomach for an upcoming fitness shoot. My love for food and travel got the best of me this winter. Now I must get back right. 🙂


This workout would be ideal for a track. Find the time and make it happen. If you are doing the work on a treadmill, one “lap” is .25 miles on a treadmill.


Walk one lap (.25 on a treadmill)  to warm-up.  Going Fast for ONE minute and Slower for TWO. USE YOUR GYMBOSS TIMER. I never do a workout without mine. STretch

50 tricep dips on a set of stairs or bleachers (extend one leg at all times)
50 tricep extensions holding one weight (elbows close to ears!)
50 tricep kickbacks (bent at waist, flat back, both arms extend back at the same time)



Jog two laps, (or .50 on treadmill). Going Fast for ONE minute and Slower for TWO and continue you until you have complete the two laps . USE YOUR GYMBOSS TIMER.
50 lunges extending weights above head
50 Plie squats holding weights
50 single leg calf raises (25 per leg)



Jog three laps,  (or .75 on treadmill) Going Fast for ONE minute and Slower for TWO and continue you until you have complete the three laps
50 push-ups (25 per arm)
50 bicycle crunches
50 basic crunches with weight behind head, ELBOWS OUT!

Walk OR Jog your last 2 laps. Whichever you choose I want you to sprint the curves. Slow up on the longer stretches.


Complete Workout 2 of the Absolutely Sexy 4 Summer Digital Serious


Don’t forget to PIN THIS PICTURE to pinterest.    HERE IS THE LINK to download the pdf printable version for those of you who like to print it for your kimf notebooks.  You can also find it on our Free Printable Workout Page with all the rest of the printable pdfs