My favorite thing to do when I have a chair in front of me is to use it to tone my legs.  Leg workouts are so versatile. You can do chair exercises or use no equipment at all.  That’s the great thing about fitness, there is always SOMETHING that you can do just about anywhere.  This workout requires you to do two sets of  20- 25 reps of four exercises and complete a 20 minute interval run.

It’s okay to pair these four chair moves to the end of another workout if you have some other type of cardio planned for today. The key is to practice slow and controlled movements. Chair exercise are great if you are looking for low impact toning exercises. They are perfect for a person who sits all day in the office and can be an ideal way to get blood flowing during your mid afternoon break.

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Chair Exercises to Tone Your Legs

  1. Lunge and lift
  2. Air squat and reach
  3. Reverse lunge
Chair Exercises to Tone your legs
Photo Cred: Fitness Magazine