This is an upper body workout created to target your abs as well. This workout doesn’t have too many moves but is just as effective as other, more complicated workouts.  They force you to engage the muscles in your arms, while helping you achieve great abs by targeting the muscles in your stomach. Usually an abs workout consist of crunches and sit up. Below you will find that the tension plank, is an isometric move (meaning your muscle length do not change during contraction) and is perfect for really sculpting those hard-to-target muscles of your arms and tones your core at the same time.

Those wondering about how to lose belly fat will probably focus more on the exercise of the stomach but to be honest the real way to reduce belly fat is to lose fat and build muscle over all. It’s not possible to carve out one area of your body and turn a blind eye on the other areas. We recommend finding way to eat healthy even if you are on a budget, drinking more water, increasing overall strength training, and adding cardio intervals to your workout routines.


  1. You can replace the 1 minute of mountain climbing with any time of cardio that suits you. I chose Mountain Climbers because they target arms and core.
  2. Don’t forget to focus on perfect form. Don’t be afraid to modify these moves to be of lower impact if needed.
  3. These are perfect moves to add to any other Keep it Moving Fitness Home workout.


To get more out of your workout sessions I would pair this workout with How to get rid of back fat and maybe add a 1 or 2 mile run





A printable workout for arms and abs


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