Most people are so quick to grab those rice in a box food options at the grocery store. They are a quick and easy side option to go with any meal. The downfall is the the amount of sodium in one box. It’s nearly half of the daily recommended sodium intake. Also, the price is ridiculous. Rice might be one of the cheapest ways to feed your family. I am not so sure that you should pay nearly $2 for a box of rice when you can buy a bag of rice for that amount and feed the family for the month. You can flavor your own rice a million different ways to have your family coming back for more.

Here is all that you will need to make one of my favorite brow rice dishes.

◦1 cup brown rice
◦1 cup beef broth
◦1 cup chicken broth
◦1 cup water
◦1 small onion, minced (optional)
◦1/4 cup carrots diced (optional)
◦mushrooms diced (optional)
◦1 teaspoon garlic powder

You can make a bunch of this and freeze it for the week.