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A Basic Leg Day Workout

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Leg day is probably equally loved and hated among those who are trying to get fit. Loved because the lower body contains some very large muscle groups and can be an effective way to boosting metabolism and overall toning. Hated because the work required to tone those muscles can be intense. This basic leg day workout is a great starting point for those at the start of their fitness journey but can be a warm up guide for those who want to add more advance level exercises to their regimen to tone and lose leg fat.


For this workout you will basically be doing all of the exercises for 1 minute followed by a 25 second break. To avoid over working the muscles of your legs, try doing this workout, or any leg workout, on non consecutive workout days. If you working your legs today, It might be a good idea to focus on trying to lose belly fat tomorrow.

A Basic Leg Day Workout

Basic leg day workout

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