Suffering from a knee injury is painful and can interfere with all aspects of life especially workout routines. Knee pain can cause you not to exercise at all because of and some people completely ignore what their knees are telling them and continue to exercise without taking necessary care for their knees.  Both are exactly what you DON’T Want to do  when you have pain in your knees. You should find different workout programs that don’t further injure your knee. The knee joint is extremely complicated and holds about 80% of our body weight. So, you can imagine how susceptible to injury they are. Aside from getting your doctor to take a look at your knees to make sure their isn’t an underlying problem that deserves extra care, here are the things you want to STAY AWAY FROM when you have troubled knees and before you start the best stretches for knee pain.

The best Stretches for knee pain

Avoid the following if you have Knee Injuries.

  1. Avoid Hard Surfaces.: Try to exercise on soft carpet or grass areas
  2. Avoid High Impact Activities.:   Steer clear of exercises where you have to JUMP and Land. Try not to do any exercises that involve sudden starts and sudden stops.
  3. Don’t Do Exercises That Put Stress on the knee: Stay Away from Squats, Lunges, and Leg extensions. Try not to do any exercises that make you bend your knee at a 90 degree angle or beyond.
  4. Avoid Shoes with No Support: Invest in great shoes and depending on how often you exercise, make sure you replace them when they need to be replaced. Shoes don’t last forever.

Here are some things that you can do to Get your workout in and strengthen your knee.

  1. Walk, Walk, and Continue Walk: It is recommended that people with problems with the knee joints walk at least 20 minutes per day. Walking is a very low impact exercise that is an all around great exercise activity for everyone, especially those with knee problems
  2. Exercise In Water: The Buoyancy in Water will actually help your knees. You can get a great workout in with less stress and pain in them.
  3. Focus on the muscles that Support Your Knee.  Find low impact (like ones in the video below) that will strengthen you Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves, Hips, and IT BAND (Illiotibial Band).
  4.  WARM UP AND STRETCH: Before starting and after finishing exercising always warm up and stretch.
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Here Is a Video of the Best Stretches for Knee Pains