Since the muscles of your butt are just like any other muscles in your body, you can work to build them and make them stronger. This bigger butt workout can be added to your workout schedule to help tone and lift.  Try out these other butt workouts as well. Seeing a drastic change in the size of your butt will not happen overnight. Building muscle takes time and must be paired with the proper training and is largely dependent on your diet.

Make sure you prepare 1 glass of low fat milk with 1 scoop Protein to drink immediately after this workout  or you can whip up one of my favorite Post workout Recovery Smoothies.

What You Will Need for this Bigger Butt Workout 

1 light dumbbell (I used 8 pounds).  The dumbbell is for extra intensity and can be left out if needed.

Things to remember:

  1. Always keep your knee behind your toes when doing lunges. Bringing them over will result in too much stress on the knee joint which might result in injury.
  2. If you can do a lunge in the full ranch of motions, simply do it with a shorter range of motion. Meaning you don’t have to complete a full lunge… You can just bend your leg a little bit

Here is What You do.

As always, make sure you start by warming up before you do this workout.  An ideal warm up would be to do a front, side, back lunge on each leg for about 2 minutes each. You can also run in place for 3-5 minutes to get your leg muscles warmed up

Holding the weight up to your chest.

1st MOVE:  Holding the weight up to your chest, Lunge forward on one leg and bounce twice at the bottom of the lunge. Alternate legs and do the same thing on the other leg.   Continue until you have completed 8 forward lunges (with double bounces) on each leg.

2nd MOVE:  Holding the weight up to your chest, Complete a side lunge and while lunged, step the bent leg into your body and back out. Repeat the same move on that leg until you get to 8. Then switch legs and do the same thing again on the other side.

3rd MOVE:  Holding the weight up to your chest, Reverse Lunge into a  high knee. Repeat 8 times on one leg and switch legs to do the same move on the other leg.Standing side oblique exercise Keep it moving fitness

4th MOVE: Reverse Lunge and follow through by kicking the leg back as you come up. 8 times on each leg .

5th MOVE: Side lunge into a standing twisted  oblique crunch – 8 times on each leg

6th MOVE:  Come on to the floor on all fours. Extend the left leg and the right arm out at the same time then bring the knee in and across your body to meet the right elbow. 8 times on each side.

7th MOVE:  Bridge. While lying on your back with arms out beside you, lift your  hips up and extend one leg and back down. Then lift and extend the other leg. Repeat until you do each side 8 times



I did this workout 3 times because today I only did lower body and nothing else. If you are adding this to a workout do 1 time.


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