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Alpharetta Bootcamps & Semi-Private Workouts

Our cardio sessions are built on a progressive scale; meaning each session you will push beyond your previous max out point. We want you to get the most out your 30-minute session so we push you to enter that fat burning zone.  Since the muscle building component of our session helps your burn calories when you are not working out, we want to make sure you really break a sweat during the cardio portion. 


Our goal is to replace fat with lean muscle. Don't worry about bulking up (unless that's what you want),  we incorporate a mix of light weight/high reps with a splash of heavier weights to max out.  More muscles mean a faster, harder working metabolism that forces your body to continue to work even when you are resting. 

Become a KIMF Mover 

Membership includes 12 sessions per month (3 sessions per week). Each session is 30 minutes of intense & progressive training that is structured around each mover's fitness level.  Each session holds 2 participants in order to push each mover to the max while providing the right amount of motivation and feedback. 

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Postpartum Mommy Fitness

We understand how hard it is to jump back in to exercise and fitness after becoming a new mother. Our program was built by moms for moms. We often implement a bit of mindfulness in each session to help with the beautiful chaos of parenthood.

Extreme Weight Loss

We specialize in extreme weight loss and welcome anyone who needs to jump-start their journey to weight loss. All of our programs are progressive and customed to fit the needs of each individual. With only 2 people per session, we are able to customize while keeping the price affordable.

Abs...olutely Crazy Sessions

Once per week, each member gets an ABS....olutely Crazy session.  During this session, we focus completely on shedding belly fat and toning ab muscles.  While we believe abs are made in the kitchen and by shedding overall fat, this session is a play on the other workouts we do each week.

Bonus Bootcamps

In addition to the 3 sessions per week, each member gets free access to the Large group bootcamps that we sprinkle into the month. These bootcamps help our KIMf movers meet and push each other. The bootcamp is 60 minutes of sweat and fun!!!

Healthy eating plan

We include meal plans and tips from our When Eating Well Sucks nutrition guide. Nutrition is a vital part of any fitness goal so we make sure to set our movers up with the tools to win.

Refer a Friend and Save More

We love when you spread a good word about KIMf bootcamps. Get 50% off your next month's invoice when you refer a friend to join our community of movers.


Located in north of Atlanta, in Alpharetta (Milton). We workout out of a small gym and are surrounded by parks that we often times host sessions if weather allows.

Postal adress: Contact us for specific location


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