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Calorie Blaster Circuit Training for Women

The workout below is a circuit training for women routine that any fitness level can do. Circuit Training can get your heart rate pumping faster than you can say “I am Tired”. It will help you burn fat faster and work to help you build muscle.

Circuit Training is great for training different areas of your body. It’s also Ideal for those who get bored fast. You are switching up the movements pretty quickly and often times combining cardio moves with strength training moves to build muscular endurance.

To get the most out of your circuit training for women routine,  try these ideas:

•Do Short Interval: Reducing your intervals will allow you to complete more stations and target different muscles.

Increase Intensity   Go faster, do more reps, push yourself harder

• Try a reverse Circuit.  challenge your brain and your body by starting at the end of the circuit and working your way backward.

Circuit Training For Women


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