Can a Person Be Fit and Fat?

Yes. While it is true that people who tend to carry a larger proportion of fat mass have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, body fat or body mass index (BMI) should not be viewed independently.

Although it is not well known, people who are obese but active or fit may actually have a lower mortality risk than those who are classified as normal-weight but who are sedentary or unfit (LaMonte & Blair 2006).

As a general rule, people who are obese and physically inactive or unfit have shown the highest risk of mortality. When people with similar BMIs are compared, those with greater cardiorespiratory fitness tend to have a lower mortality risk, especially compared with individuals who are not physically active. Therefore, even improving cardiorespiratory fitness may reduce the risk of mortality—independent of a reduction in BMI.




This is not an excuse for you to get comfortable with being overweight. This talks about rare cases where a person is overweight and very active; NOT Lazy….

In conclusion; Get moving…&…KEEP MOVING




Source: Excerpt from April 2012 Idea Fitness Journal