Circuit Training Fitness CHALLENGE

Circuit training is a type of training that combines aerobic activity with resistance training to maximize your workout within a specific period of time. The goal of it is to improve your strength, stability, endurance and increase your overall fitness level. One exercise circuit consists of between 5-10 different exercise that target different muscles of the body with short rest periods in between each exercise. When all exercises in a circuit is complete, take a small break and start the first exercise of the second circuit which involves 5-10 new exercises or variations of the same exercise used in the previous circuit.


Today’s Fitness Challenge:  COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING CIRCUIT  FOUR TIMES TODAY. Complete 25 repetitions of each exercise with a 30 second to 1 minute in between each exercise. Try to form a circle with each of the exercises. For exercise 6 you will run around the circle.


  1.  Sit-Ups: Sitting on the ground with knees bent and hands behind head, move your chest up to your knee and back down
  2. Squats: To increase intensity add a jump. To increase resistance add a weight in your hands.
  3. Lunges: Count movement of each leg as one
  4. Burpees: Squat down. Throw both feet back in to a plank position. Jump feet up to your hand. then jump to standing position
  5. Push-ups: You know how it goes
  6. Shuttle run: Run around the outside of the circle. (If you are in the gym on a tread mill run about .25 miles)
  7. Frog leaps: around the circle. Make your hands touch the ground each time you hop
  8.  Tricep Dips: Sit with hands on the edge of a bench and allow your body to dip down toward the ground. Your elbows will move back
  9. Step ups: Find a bench and step or jump up
  10. Oblique Planks: in the plank position (your hands and toes holding your body off the ground) bring your knees to your side. You are trying to to touch your elbows with you knees.