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You Should Commit to a 30 Minute Workout. Try These

The truth is any amount of time spent working out is better than not working out at all and maybe you could argue the case that longer workouts burn more calories or shorter workouts boosts your metabolism. Both of those may help you lose leg fat or lose belly fat but my case for the 30 minute workout is not to convince you of either.

I discovered my love for the 30 minute workout recently after having notice that my schedule busy workout schedulewas getting busier. It’s not that I wasn’t making time for workouts, I ALWAYS making time for my workouts even when I do not want to workout.  Over the years it’s become my priority no matter what.  The problem was that my workouts (and my love for working out) was causing me to neglect other important priorities that I had.  This became a problem.  I had to figure out how to commit to my at home workouts while not neglecting my other responsibilities

After making it to the gym or starting one from, many times I would lose track of time. The adrenaline would start flowing, I would literally get lost in my music and before I realized it 2 hours or so would pass. I would then come home, grab a bite, shower, crash on the couch and convince myself that I did good and the work on my books, or this blog, or other important things could wait.

Not Good. The art of  healthy living is not only about exercising regularly and eating nutritiously. It’s about actually living and making time to do all the things that you love and that make you whole.  It’s about slowing down with the goal of experiencing moments. So, yes… I have the exercise part down!!! Though I don’t always want to exercise, I’ve trained my mind and body to do it any way. My problem was the constantly neglect of the other vital components of healthy and happy living. To solve this problem. I had an epiphany and came up with the 30 minute workout.  No more No less.

How Doing ONLY  a 30 minute Workout a day helped me.

  1. I discovered DISCIPLINE in limitation: to teach  yourself to start workout is one thing but to teach yourself to stop is an entirely different accomplishment that should be praised.  I set my clock for 25 minutes (leaving 5 minutes to stretch) and no matter where I am in the workout, I stop. This is more difficult than it sounds, especially in the midst of a great song. :-).  I force myself to pat myself on the back and move on to the next thing.
  2. I discovered PATIENCE  in the Process: In the age of social media and instantaneous results, it’s only natural for us to want to do things faster to get results sooner. This is especially true when you want to lose weight or tone your abs or whatever it is that you might strive for. There is a natural tendency to workout as hard as you can for as long as you can so you can see something right away. This is all great ….except for when you stop. Your enthusiasm dissipates and so does those speedy results. The 30 minute workout taught me to slow down and let my body adapt in a way that makes this more of a lifestyle. I’ve found that the 30 minutes are over so quickly and sometimes I want to keep going because I feel so great but then I remember “I am making this regimen a part of my forever” and a commit to another 30 minutes tomorrow.
  3. I discovered SATISFACTION in a new habit.  30 minutes a day USUALLY doesn’t sound like a lot… until the day when you find you don’t have 1 minute to spare. Your hectic schedule forces you to rethink your workout and resistance comes in to try to get you to cancel.  It took a while but my commitment to do this help me form a habit that I can actually stick with. Yea, there are some days where  I have time for a longer workout (If so i usually separate from my strict 30 minute workout. I’ll add an additional workout later or earlier in the day) but most days I don’t even have time for a 2 minute workout (so it seems) but having made promises with myself to do 30 minutes has left me with the greatest feeling of satisfaction on those busy days. To be able to say “I DID IT” makes for a better more productive day.


Here are some 30 minute workouts that you can do if you want to COMMIT to 30 LIKE ME

  2. 10  minute treadmill +

 More 30 Minute Workouts

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