Keep it Moving Fitness was founded by fitness wellness consultant, personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist, Kimberly Fleming (KIMf). If you are interested in having more personalized help with your fitness journey or if you are a business looking for adding fitness/wellness to your brand… contact her using the information below.  She offers affordable help for individuals and companies looking to reach a fitness goal themselves or help their audience/business reach a goal in the fitness/wellness industry.

Keep It Moving Fitness | Fitness Wellness Consultant Offerings:

  1. 1-on-1 phone consultation
  2. Personalized fitness plans
  3. Individual Meal/Nutrition Plans
  4. 1-on-1 and group online video workout sessions
  5. bootcamps
  6. Corporate Wellness programs
  7.  Sponsored posts / Sponsored Videos
  8. Ad placement
  9. Live Group
  10. Corporate content creation (blog posts)
  11. Speaking engagements

 EMAIL: KIM [AT] Keepitmovingfitness [dot] com

KIMf, Inc. and Keep it moving fitness will only promote products and business that represent our core value of helping people move more and live better.


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