Core exercises to Build Abs and Other Core Muscles

I always say, “working your core is far more beneficial than any crunch or sit-up.” Not only does core exercise target those abs that you want to work but they target your back musclus including your trunk. A strong core area will help you in any day to day activity. It can even improve pains in your knees and hips. This workout can be modified for all different fitness levels.  Below is the break down of the workout but you can also watch the video at the bottom.

Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds. There will be a 15 second break between each.

  1. Pushups
  2. Plank Jacks (minute mark 1:57) 
  3. Up Down Planks (minute mark 2:30)
  4. In Out Planks (minute mark 3:08)
  5. Stagger Pushups (minute mark 3:41)
  6. Oblique Planks (minute mark 4:30)
  7. Ski plank jumps (minute mark 5:10)
  8. Mountain Climbers (minute mark 5:47)
  9. Side Planks (minute mark 6:27)
  10. Plank. (minute mark 8:05)