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Exercises For Cellulite – A Daily Leg Workout

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This Lower Body Workout  takes only about 3 minutes and it can be done daily or in addition to other workouts. It is great for strengthening your knees and also can be used to tone your legs. If you are looking for exercises for cellulite make sure you add this to your list of workouts to do. Cellulite is a common problem for men and women of all shapes and sizes. In many cases cellulite is genetic and while some people may have more extreme cases, toning your lower body to build muscles can help.

Aside from adding exercises for cellulite into your fitness regimen, Healthy eating, body massages, and dry brushing are a few other ways to help get rid of cellulite. Stay committed to your goal of reducing your cellulite and know that while it won’t happen overnight, it can happen and now is the best time to start

Daily Workout With Exercises For Cellulite

Exercises for Cellulite

The workout below requires 3 simple moves and should be done continuously with very little break (if Possible). Repeat on the opposite leg after you done the entire sequence on one leg.  (Watch me DO it Below)


 `1. A reverse lunge daily leg 1

2. Runners Block Lunge

daily leg 2

3. Knee Tuck Lunge

daily leg 4

The Sequence

1. Complete 8 of each of the moves on your right leg

2. Complete 6 of each of the moves on your right leg

3. Complete 4 of each of the moves on your right leg

4. Complete 2 of each of the moves on your right leg

Switch to your left leg and repeat the sequence

4 thoughts on “Exercises For Cellulite – A Daily Leg Workout”

  1. Jen says:

    Iam trying to access the free ebook of workouts and I cannot says press enter doing nothing??? Can you please help! Thankyou!!

    1. Kimf says:

      Hi Jen,

      Go here and enter your info. You will see the link when you are done. If you have issues please contact me

      1. Jen says:

        Thankyou kim,
        I was able to get thru that link just fine:) I really need ALOT of motivation and well Although I donot need to loose a lot of weight I have been sick and VERY depressed after loosing my son, iam only 4’10” tall and weigh 85lbs… I want to weight less with LOTs of muscle and inches lost… I feel Short and pudgy and because of my depression and how I see myself I need someone to help me like myself again and give me reason to workout with out it being too much on joints, kness ect… I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis with lots and lots of ulcers and colitis so I get sick a lot get into working out then can not function with getting sick ALL over again and I feel as if Iam only existing AND NOT living Anymore… WE are broke have no money hubby out of work and I need to like me and do things to keep myself happy for My daughters well being… She is all I have left in this world And Iam all she has left And I want it to be a “Healthy happy Momma” Thankyou!! I really like your videos I watch a lot I just need someone to give me correct workouts and how to train which part of body on what day for GREAT results WITHOUT over training… Ect… Gets so hard!!
        All the best~ Jen

  2. ishia says:

    Really glad I found your page, I am in need of exercise for cellulite behind the legs and to firm up buttocks. I just finished doing your lunges and boy do my legs burn. Thanks I needed that. I was seriously thinking about joining a gym do you have anymore exercises I do there. I don’t want to look too much like an idiot! LOL!!!! By the way, I am 5’5″ tall and I weigh 145lbs. All I want is to tighten up. Thanks

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