Dinner time: Why I Cook Dinner Before Everyone Wakes

Dinner time can be a moment of bonding and open conversation for many families. It’s even more special when the family can come together to make delicious dinners from old recipes or creating recipes of their own. I remember the good times I had with my dad and my mom teaching how to make family favorite dishes. Those moments of quality time still stick with me today and I most certainly will cherish the time in the kitchen with my son when he is older. If you haveCook dinner before family wakes younger kids now I think it’s very important to put aside a day or two days out of the week to prepare food and cook dinner with them. However, I believe the other 5-6 days of the week you need to strategically plan your day and your meals so that you can become more productive in your family life, your career, and your social life. If you are a busy mom or busy with your career like myself, you can find peace and fulfillment in each day if you do small things that ensure you get more done without disrupting time with your family.

Dinner Time Made Easy

This is why I decided to use the morning time to prepare dinner on very busy days. For me, the time when everyone is asleep and there are no puppies running around begging for attention is the best time to get the day’s largest tasks out of the way. As I was writing my newest book on Healthy Eating, I realized that I didn’t have as much time to spend cooking and we certainly didn’t want to eat out every day. Who has the budget for that?  Because I have developed a habit of keeping my pantry stocked with healthy essentials, it was very simple to make an early morning trip to the grocery store for the perishable items if I didn’t already have them available. Usually, I am able to return home to a house full of sleeping heads with plenty of time to make a very quick, simple breakfast and start prepping dinner.

early prep dinner
I made a veggie lasagna even before my cup of morning coffee here

I have fallen in love with huge one pot meals, slow cookers, or meals that can be frozen in bulks. These are great for those evening when you need your kitchen-challenged husband (or wife) and kids to pop a meal in the oven without worrying about them overloading on salt because they used those frozen meals from the grocery store.  You will definitely save yourself from the fast food restaurant line and a lot of guilt in knowing that dinner is already prepared just in case you have to stay a little late at work.

I’m not in a place where I can call myself a stay at home mom or a homemaker to my sweetheart. GOD, I WISH THAT WERE THE CASE :-). I am apart of the ever growing group of women who have to balance it all in order to have it all. We are the women who choose family life without sacrificing career and social well being. We are the women who have to help our partners provide for a home financially but don’t want to lose the benefits that come to those homes that are blessed with a bit of extra care from mom or homemaker. We have to do it all.  But we are very capable of it all.

It requires just a bit of intent and planning. And though you might have to sacrifice that extra push of the alarm clock snooze button, you might find solace in knowing that your commitment to your work and obligations outside of family didn’t sacrifice the extra care and attention and certainly not the love you have  for your family


What are some other things you do to ensure you have more time during the day without sacrificing healthy habits for your family???? COMMENT BELOW  TELL ME!!


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