It’s always good to have an everyday workout to go to when you just want to get a quick on in and over with. That’s exactly what this at home workout or gym workout is.  It targets every muscle group for your strength training goals and there’s a ton of cardio too! Those are the key elements to lose weight fast and for lasting results.

This workout was created to give you a little encouragement when you are feeling stressed out or just feeling unmotivated to get your exercise in. It can be used as a stress management technique because it’s so true that exercise can release endorphins  make you feel better.  Pay attention to the words on the printable workout below. Say them aloud when you are feeling discouraged. They read…

Everyday Workout Affirmations to Read Aloud: 

  1.  Exercise might seem impossible at first
  2. Sometimes a pain in the Ass
  3. Often times you may have to jump a few hurdles
  4. if you focus on one step at a time..
  5. …and slowly climb to the top
  6. …and push past distractions
  7. …and squat negativity
  8. You’ll eventually ride past the difficulties
  9. and leap toward the finish line
  10. just to look back to see it was all well worth it.

We are always looking to add to our collection of workout routines for women but we’ve found that many men and children love to do this. It’s a great one for bootcamps or group workouts.

Complete the pyramid below from TOP to Bottom. (you can go back up if you are really wanting a mega challenge).  It might be difficult to do it all at once but if so, make that a goal to work towards but take breaks this time if needed.


Share the picture below (by right clicking and saving it to your computer) with you friends on pinterest, twitter, and facebook. CLICK the picture for the PDF VERSION printable workout routine.

Everyday workout

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