Today’s workout is ONLY 16 minutes. This is a total body calorie burner. It’s a tough one but can always be modified for different fitness levels. If you can’t complete four rounds today, start with 2 or 3 and work your way up. Try to push yourself to the max and write down how many you did during each interval so that you can work to improve your scores.

Here is what you do:

Set your Gymboss timer to 16 rounds of 45 second work intervals and 15 second rest intervals.

Complete each of the exercises below for 45 seconds and recover for 15 seconds repeat  4 times.

  1. Plank Jacks
  2. In/Out Plank Jumps with 2 pushups
  3. Two Squat jumps straight to 1 Burpee
  4. Dip Bar Pull ups   Your can get your dipbar here


Notice how during my last round I was exhausted and had to come on my knees to do the pushups.That’s okay. Just Keep moving.

If you can’t jump quite yet during the squat jumps you can start off with basic squats and work your way up.

For the Plank Jumps with 2 push ups, simply walk each leg up to your hands and back to a plank.

Tweet me @kim_fitness to let me know how  you did.