Your February Fitness Challenges

February is the  month to celebrate Love so this month I wanted to try doing something different for you. Instead of our usual fitness calendar, I am going to challenge you each week to LOVE YOURSELF by completing different tasks.

These tasks can be in addition to your normal fitness regimen or you can take a break from that and focus on these tasks for this month

If you are completing the 52 Weeks of KIMf Goals, try to make room for these if possible. If not follow the plan that better suits your personal needs.

This month I want you to focus on loving yourself the way you are now.  Remember the promise we made in this community a few weeks ago, “I LOVE MYSELF UNCONDITIONALLY RIGHT NOW”  CLICK HERE if you’ve forgotten what we said.

Each week I will post your goals for the WEEK. Do your best to complete them. There are only challenges listed for Monday – Friday. This does not mean give up and quit on the weekends. It simple means take what you learned and apply it to the weekend. Stay active. Eat Healthy. Keep Moving.

CLICK HERE FOR THE PDF VERSION (you need this to click the links

february 2014 fitness  challenge