A Pledge for Family Members Who Slow Dow Your Progress

I am pretty sure I am not the only one who has a loved one who seems anti- healthy living at times. It’s very frustrating when someone in your home isn’t supportive or simply not ready to be on the journey to healthy living with you. Lack of fitness support from friends or family members should not be the thing throw you off course. I had to learn the hard way but you can love a person and ignore their influences.

It’s not your job to force healthy living on your family . You can’t control them and their view on things. Even children’s disdain for a certain things may alter your desire to follow through. This is the point when you have to cut the ties from everyone and focus on you. If your spouse or children can’t see past Mcdonald’s and Coke bottles after you’ve begged and pleaded, there comes a time when you remove yourself from the madness and commit to you. Hopefully after you’ve seen progress and developed strong healthy habits you’ll then be able to convince them to jump on board

Trying to lose belly fat or fat anywhere else on your body requires a commitment like none other. We all want to see our loved ones succeed. We want them to be healthy fit and excited about living healthier but sometimes it takes them a little longer to want a change for themselves. Your workout routines cannot be depended on if someone does them with you. It’s great to have a fitness partner but, you will always fall behind if you are too dependent on them.

One thing that remains true is you CANNOT be a good mother, father, friend, sister, brother…..if you are dead or without energy to do much else besides die. SO MAKE THIS ABOUT YOU.

I wrote the pledge for my fiance and I hope you use it too. It’s light hearted and silly but it really was a reminder to him to to be sedentary by himself without bringing me down. Sometimes a person do even realize they are a distraction. This is a little reminder

Print one out each week and hang it up on the fridge like I do.

5 Things to do when you have No Fitness Support

  1. Realize that you are not in control of other people or their actions. Stop trying to force people to change.
  2. Continue to verbalize what you are trying to do for Yourself and your desire for support but do be dependent it.
  3. Continue to extend an invitation for your family member to join but if they say no.. Shrug and move on.
  4. Be okay with a person not wanting to join you on your fitness journey. Shrug and move on
  5.  Have the person who is not giving  fitness support take the pledge.


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Move out of the Way Pledge