Fitness Worth Fighting For: A Kickboxing Workout

Exercise isn’t always the easiest thing to commit to, especially if you are new to it, but the results are extremely rewarding. The benefits of exercise are very broad. It can make you look better, feel better, and increase productivity throughout your day. If you are struggling and are close to quitting, please don’t stop now. Take a deep breath to think about how far you’ve come. Set small goals so that you can track immediate progress that will help you push toward your larger goals.  Realize that with any goal, there will be struggles, uncomfortable moments, and unexpected fears. It’s up to you to face them head on and take small steps to conquer.  Your overall health and fitness is so worth fighting for and the circuit workout below will have you kicking and punching toward your fitness goals.

As always start off by warming up with a slow jog or walk for about 5 minutes. Next, reduce the risk of injury to your muscle by stretching for 3-5 minutes. Lastly, put a smile on your face and complete the following circuit 4 times;


  1. 1.       Kick Jumps – Jump back and for from right leg to left leg. As you jump to land on your right, lift your left knee to your chest and kick out. Then the reverse. Jump to land on your left leg, lift your right knee to your chest and kick out. Repeat this move until time is up. If you have trouble with your knees, leave the jump out and simple bring your knee to your chest and kick out. Make sure to kick hard.
  2. 2.       Front/side/back Kicks- This is the same as the first exercise, only this time everyone leaves the jump out. Here is a moment to actively recover and catch your breath. With one leg planted, use the other leg to kick forward, kick to the side, and kick back all in one motion. Don’t let your foot in motion touch the ground until it has kick in all three directions. Switch legs. Repeat until time is up.  Make sure to engage your abs since your abdominal region is what is going to keep you balanced on one leg.
  3. 3.       Boxing Jab– Position yourself in a “fight” stance (one leg in front of the other, knees slightly bent, and arms positioned to cover your face). Extend one arm at a time into a punch, while slightly pivoting on your back toe.  Keep a strong Core so that you can punch hard.  Imagine a punching back. Switch legs and arm position so you can focus on the other side and do the same thing again. Repeat until time is up
  4. 4.       Boxing Upper Cut – In the same “fight” stance mentioned above, punch upward and land in the center of your imaginary boxing target. Imagine the shape of a pirate’s hook and try to trace that shape with your fist.
  5. 5.       Jump rope – With a weighted or regular jump rope, simply jump up. If you don’t have a rope don’t let that stop you, you can simulate a jump rope and still get the same effect.


Round one: do each move for 3 minutes

Round two: do each move for 2 minute

Round three: do each move for 1 minute

Round four: do each move for 45 seconds

Round five: do each move for 30 seconds


Rest for 30-90 seconds in between each round.  For more intensity come into plank position while you rest.

 This workout, like other kickboxing workouts, was created by grouping popular Karate moves to for a full body workout

When ever you feel like giving up, just tweet me @kim_fitness  for motivation to keep moving.