Foods for Weight loss: Myths about Weight loss Foods

  What Are Foods For Weight Loss?

I could just end this article with the simplistic two word answer, “Real food”,  but that would be far too easy… and ironically so given the era of the “instant answer” that we live in today. I mean think about it, we depend on Google to finish our thought process when searching for underlying answer to questions.  The olden days of putting pen to paper has been replaced with incomplete sentences of a 140 character tweet. We don’t even have to visit or pick up the phone to check up on loved ones since the “refresh” button to get a status update of their lives is always at our fingertips.  We seem unsatisfied with anything but instantaneous solutions but yet when presented with the arguably the answer that could solve our health problems, bring us happiness, and probably prevent most (if not all) chronic diseases out there…the simple, quick, straight-to-the-point answer is neither good enough nor accepted.

Misleading Media on Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

The problem is that most people don’t know what to believe. Every day there is a new report or study or Foods for weight lossfad diet that seems to discredit the finding from the previous day. It’s no wonder that our nation is on a roller coaster ride straight to hell when it comes to our health. And sadly speaking we are to blame for it spiraling out of control. We have the tools, the resources, and the ability to press the breaks; instead we are bracing ourselves for the crash. We wonder why we can’t lose weight fast.

If only we could revert back to our roots or take a look at 3rd world countries where dependence on natural resources are greater and deaths from cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes are nearly nonexistent.   What is the difference between what them and us? No really, think about it…. They don’t have an endless supply of processed substances (more popularly known as chips, donuts, sugar, etc…).  They eat real food; what the earth gives them and their health is better because it.   This is quite different from modern day America where the things that we eat are literally killing us.

Weight loss is far from impossible. In fact, if you could just dispel a few, and very popular, diet myths you will find weight loss to be very obtainable in very little time.  Below are myths about foods for weight loss. Try to follow changes for 4-8 weeks and you will undoubtedly see a change in the way you look and feel. If you want some extra help you can use CBD for its many benefits on weight loss, Learn more about CBD here.

Myths About Foods for Weight Loss

MYTH #1:  Eat small portions.

 TRUTH:   Eat Large Portions of the right stuff. Eat as many dark green leafy vegetables, fruits, beans legumes and raw foods as you want. (Limit the starchy vegetables like rice, corn, potatoes, and nuts if you have lots of weight to lose)

MYTH #2:  Eat animal foods such as meat, chicken, eggs, fish, and diary so that you can get your Protein.

TRUTH:  This is far far far from the truth (and I am a meat lover). Plants have a greater source of protein than any piece of meat or dairy product and they aren’t link to diseases. Eat more raw vegetables, steamed vegetables, fruits, dark green leaves and beans

MYTH #3: Eat Milk and Diary to have Strong Bones

TRUTH:  Ditch the dairy products. You can find a greater source of calcium in certain fruits. Again Eat a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits

MYTH #4: Count Calories so that you won’t eat too much

TRUTH:  If you eat everything listed about under truth you won’t have to count calories and you will be able to eat as much of those things as you want.  The reason is because those foods have a high proportion of nutrients to calories and full of fiber which means that you can eat as much as you want and get full without every reaching your daily recommended caloric intake.


Extra Truth: Avoid low-fiber, calorie densed foods such as oil and refined carbohydrates. Implement moderate exercise if you can and drink plenty of natural mineral water. Do all of this and watch the pounds fall off..