If you are signed up to my FREE Fitness Newsletter, You will recieve these workouts in your inbox as soon as they come out BUT I wanted an easy way for you to find them if you needed. Sometimes, I just want to have a workout available at my fingertips and just do it. Never mind searching the net for workouts for hours for a good workout. Who has time for that?

What I always do is write down how I did in my fitness journal with the date next to it. Later when I am searching for workouts and I don’t have a exercise class to attend or I don’t feel like leaving my house (I have lazy days), I just pull out an old workout that I did in my journal and try to beat my score. I’m competative so this is perfect for me.

Click and print (or open on your device if you are green) the workout you need and take them wherever. Remember you have to SIGN UP HERE for my free newsletter to get the new printables as soon as they come out.

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WORKOUT CALENDARS (It’s Okay to go back and do these if you are looking for more workouts)


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