Get Flat Abs Fast. WOW (Work on Weekends) !

Everyone is always asking, “Kim, how can I get a flat stomach?” or “Kim, how can lose this stomach faster” and I wish I had a different answer but I don’t. All it takes (aside from a  bit of dedication and commitment) is a balanced and nutritious diet, cardio, and some toning exercises.  It’s not going to happen over night but it will happen if you stick to it. It might happen sooner for some than others but, the great thing about exercise is that change is inevitable.


This workout includes a series of PLANK moves that target your core, your torso, your obliques, and your deep abdominal muscles. All that you will need is your gymboss timer and a bit of will power.


1. Mountain Climbers for 1 MINUTE: on your hands and toes in plank position bring each knee up to your chest in a jog like pace if you can.








2. Oblique Planks 20 REPETITIONS ON EACH SIDE:  In plank position bring your right knee up to your right elbow and back down to plank. Then, bring your left knee up to your left elbow and back to plank. Repeat until you do 20 on each side.

Oblique Plank- keep it moving








3. PLANK JACKS FOR 1 Minute: In plank position, jump your feet out and back in as if doing a jumping jack on the ground.

Plank Jack 2 Keep It Moving Fitness KIMf








4. Hip Touch Downs 20 REPETITIONS ON EACH SIDE: In plank position (with your forearms on the ground), twist your hip to touch the ground on each side.

hip touchdown Keep it moving







5. FIVE PIKE PLANK for 1 MINUTE:  In plank position slowly jump your feet in toward your arms (5 baby jumps) and pike your butt to the air. Make sure to contract your abs with each baby jump.

Five pike plank









6. Torso Twist Plank 20 repetitions each side: In plank position bring your left knee under and across your middle toward your right elbow and back to start. Then bring your right knee under your body and across your middle toward your left elbow and back to start.







REPEAT IT ALL 3-4 times if this is your full workout. Repeat it only 1-2 times if you are adding this to the end of a workout.




This weekend I want you to do this workout (the full version with 3-4 repeats) at least ONE TIME.  Your WOW challenge is to get it down no matter what. I am going to aim to do this workout on Sunday. Make sure you check in on my facebook to let me know how it went.