Excess fat, stomach rolls, no muscle definition. It’s all annoying and is probably what lead you to this article. The narrassic instagram models and “fitness trainers” who are constantly showing off is even more annoying and you are on a search of some real advice on how to get rid of back fat. The internet is so full of false information for clicks and Keep It Moving Fitness one of the few websites that has a core value of providing tips for losing weight that will actually help you. With that said..

Losing back fat is not an easy task and it will not happen overnight. However, it can and will happen if you are committed and consistent. The great thing about your body is it adapts to what you do or what you don’t do. Your body is constantly changing. How it changes is up to the practices that you adapt. First let me start with busting some myths about getting rid of back fat.

COMMON How To Get Rid of Back Fat Myths:

  1. You can target and sculpt only your back to reduce back fat: WRONG – You can not sculpt any one part of your body. I know, I Know,  I KNOW… the late night infomercials say you can pick what area you want to lose weight in and BOOM, the magic pill or thingamajig will make it happen. Sorry, You have to burn overall fat.
  2. You Don’t Have to Do Cardio train your Back, Just pick some weights.  WRONG. refer back to myth #1. You have to burn overall fat. Cardio is a great way to do that.
  3. If don’t need weights, cardio is enough.  WRONG – Cardio burns calories while you are working out. Muscles burns calories while you are not working out. So you might want to build more muscles using your body or some weights because I am so sure that you are NOT working out most of the day. 
  4.  Eating and Nutrition isn’t that important.  JUST NO. Wrong. HELL NO.   What you eat might be the most important part of any weight loss journey.


Now that we have cleared that up, let’s cover some truths about how to get rid of back fat. Since Keep it Moving Fitness is all about long term results, I truly recommend you start in the Kitchen. If you can master your diet and start fueling your body with the things that help it instead of hurting it, in my opinion you have conquered the hardest part. I believe that fitness is the easiest part of a weight loss journey because as I’ve stated before, You body WILL ADAPT.  If you do… so will it.

Once you’ve gotten the crap out of  your kitchen and have been eating well then you can implement the following workout regimen. Please note, this is only a blueprint of what you need to do. Obviously you need to check with your doctor if you are new to exercise.

Workout Regimen: How Get Rid Of Back Fat

  1. First, Respect your own journey. Read this
  2. Never go more than 2 days without a workout
  3. Don’t just do back workouts. Try these Cardio workouts. 3 Times per week.
  4. Try a strength training workout 2-3 times a week.
  5. Stick to this for at least 8 weeks and track your progress.  Switch to a new regimen after 8 weeks.

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How to get rid of back fat