Okay, everyone is always trying to think of ways to change their fitness regimen so that they can remain interested and not reach that dreaded exercise plateau. It is vital that you always switch up your exercises and make it very difficult for your body to “memorize” what you will do. Muscle memory might be the main reason why you cant lose the few extra pounds. You want to always change the exercise type, the exercise frequency, & the exercise intensity of your workout regimen to get the most results.  A nice way to get your body  UP and moving toward your fitness goals is to literally MOVE UP.  Incorporate some of my favorite “Up” exercises into your fitness regimen and notice the amazing change you will see and feel.

1. Push-UPs : I am sure you all have done one or two in your life time. Be sure that your arms are slight wider thand shoulder width apart and just lower your self down. Keeping a flat back. You can come on your kness or use a chair if you are a beginner.

2. Sit- UPs: While lying on your back with your arms behind your head and knees bent. Simply use your abs to sit up bring your chest to your knees.

3. V- UPs: Lying on your back. Lift both legs off the ground with your arms straight behind your head attemp to touch your toes with your fingers and extend your arms and legs back to starting point.

4. Step- UPs: Using a step, or bench, or something smaller like a book (for a beginner), simple step one leg up on the object one at a time. and back down. Speed it up if  your object is stable and if you feel up to it.

5. Pull- UPs: Using an built in bar or anything that is stable and resembles an execise bar pull your body up.  You can put your legs into it if you want.

6. Curl- Ups: Pick an object to imitate a free weight or dumbell and do just as you would a bicep curl. You can lift your groceries up as you shop, Your puppies only if they are tiny and you are careful, and what about lifting your files while you walk around the office. OR lift the air up if you must. It still works.

7. Leg- UPs: Come down on all fours and extend one leg, and lift it up to the sky. You can bend the leg as well. Do both sides.

8. and oh why not JUST JUMP UP…..: JUMP JUMP JUMP. land in a squat if you are really strong.

Try each “up” for 15-20 repetitions with a small break and repeat twice.



HERE IS THE PRINTABLE FOR THIS WORKOUT. right click the picture to save to your computer but CLICK HERE TO GET THE PDF PRINTABLE.